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Zengo Brands: Airandus Comforplanet Livinparts

Air. Just three letters, but how important they are in our lives. A breath of fresh air can give an impulse
to the birth of a new idea, awaken your body and mind. And there are no doubts about how crucial it is to keep the air fresh around you and your close ones.
Airandus journey to the top of the industry began a decade ago while traveling around Europe. A group of enthusiasts striving for improving the lives of people around them. On our path, we found out how high the installation costs for the HVAC systems are. This fact inspired us to breathe life in our company.
The problem was clear as the sky – we needed to find a way to provide top-notch solutions for customers at affordable prices. Since that day our team of experts was dedicated to building the best
customer experience you can ever imagine. After years of hard work, we can proudly state that we have successfully blown this problem away.
Nowadays the installation of HVAC systems is twice as price-effective as it used to be.
Air is what connects us all – it’s around you, it’s around us. That is what drives us.

Comforplanet offer the Wholesale Price on Mini Split HVAC Systerms. The mission for our dealer partners is to simplify their work and offer highest quality at the most affordable price. You can find many air conditioner brands here and also can let you know how to choose the one fit you. Smart Machine also can be found here.

Livinparts has become a reputable global company, supplying high quailty Home Appliances, HVAC/R equipments and spare parts, serving customers in more than 70 countries.

We keep innovating and improving the technology to ensure each product meets industry’s top standard and exceed consumer’s expectation.

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