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Slimline Return Air Grilles With Filter

Slimline Return Air Grilles with filter designed to suit both wall and celling installations,which is the slimline modern look and make from impact-resistant ABS plastic.


Slimline Return Air Grilles

  1. The Slimline Return Air Grilles ideal for narrow return

    air grille installations

  2. Slimline modern look.

  3. High gloss white finish.

  4. Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic.

  5. Louvre angle at a 30 degree pitch.

  6. EZY-Slide filter track for removing design 2000 filter.

  7. Designed to suit both wall and ceiling installations.

  8. Simple and easy install.

SGF 3851 380×510
SGF 4075 400×750
SGF 5090 500×900
SGF 40100 400×1000


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