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Round Ceiling Air Diffuser

1.Design for any application requiring a high performance diffusion.
2.Inner cones fixed rigidly to the frame,Removable core available.
3.Customized powder coating.
4.Die formed for speed,accuracy and strength

Round Ceiling Air Diffuser

1.Provides an alternative option to square or rectangular diffuser, to Provide draft free supply air.

2.Circular butterfly blade damper is rigidly fixed to the diffuser; it can be operated from the face side of the diffuser.

3.Optional leak proof foam gasket fixed to inner flange Of the frame to avoid air leakage.

4.Circular ceiling diffuser can be fixed to extended duct by rivets.

5.Wide range of sizes.

ΦD 230 250 300 350
ΦC 78 98 148 198
ΦB 165 180 230 280
H 65 65 65 65


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