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Floor Air Diffuser

Floor Air Diffuser

● Floor Diffuser manufactured in cast aluminium, drip trap and internal swirl constructed in galvanized steel sheet.

● High induction levels.

● Made of painted steel sheet.

● Made of extruded aluminium.

● A cleanable diffuser.




Why we choose to use floor air diffuser on the floor?


If you live in a cold place, be sure to consider this floor vent. We all know that windows are the easiest places in the house to lose heat, and feet are one of the most sensitive parts. If your feet feel cold, then you will feel extremely cold throughout the house. This air vent is installed under the window, so that when the cold air comes down from the window, it can be quickly blown up by the wind of the diffuser, and your feet will not feel cold at this time.

Especially in some cold areas, this Floor diffuser is very popular. Another floor tuyere is an American-style  Floor diffuser, which has the same effect. More details as below, you can choose 150,200,315 dimensions, contact us to get quote now.


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