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EVA Foam Tape

Usage: EVA Foam Tape is widely used in all kinds of sliding window, sliding door, security door, closet door and etc, reduce damage of your doors and windows.

EVA Foam Tape, EFTP


Material: Environmentally friendly EVA, high resilience, flexible enough, non-toxic.

Advantage: Easy to cut and easy to install, no need for specialist tools.

Usage: EVA Foam Tape is widely used in all kinds of sliding windows, sliding doors, security doors, closet doors and etc, to reduce the damage of your doors and windows.

Function: EVA Foam Tape can reduce the noise from outside and the sliding door, giving you a quiet and comfortable living environment.



Material: EVA Foam







       Or as required.


1. Windproof

Anti-collision, sound insulation, protect doors and windows from damage

2. Water Resistant

Can be used on the side of the sink to prevent water stains

3. Shockproof

Used at the corner of furniture to prevent people from being injured. Also can be used in a shockproof box

4. Damping Pad

Arbitrarily cut the foam pad to fill the gap, damping friction and reducing the noise


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