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Baseboard Diffuser

1.All stamped steel construction
2.Front fow of adjustable blades are set on 3/4″ centers
3.Lever opereted multi-louver damper provide exacting volume control
4.Available in 15″ and 18″ length

1.This baseboard diffuser is all stamped steel construction,strong and durable.

2.Diffuser’s front row of adjustable blades are set on 3/4″ center.

3.Designed to blanket walls and windows from baseboard installations.

4.Lever operated muti-louver damper provide exacting volume control.

5.Snap in face for ease of installation.

6. Rear damper blades for volume control on 1″ spacing.

7.The diffuser is available in bright white or golden sand enamel


Outside length


Outside Height


Duct Opening Height


Duct Opening Width


15 4.5 2.5 12
18 4.5 2.5 15


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