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Aluminum Insulated Flex Duct

1.Used for low/medium/high pressure air ventilation and air condition systems.
2.Specially designed for the HVAC market.
3.High-density fibreglass for excellent insulation properties.
4.Supported by a high tensile steel wire helix, provides a strong & flexible ducting.

Aluminum Insulated Flex Duct, ISO

1.Aluminum insulated flex duct helpful for reducing heat & cool loss and preventing condensation.

2.Insulation: standard 16kg/m³ glass wool and 32kg/m³ glass wool is also available.

3.Packing: individual 120cm long carton aluminum insulated flex duct packing or individual PE bag packing.

Properties Iso 2.0 Iso 3.0 Iso 6.0
Inner duct AluAir+ 2.0 AluAir+ 3.0 AluAir+ 6.0
Outer Jacket Alu Jacket 1.0 Alu Jacket 1.0 Alu Jacket 1.0
Diameter 50mm-610mm 50mm-610mm 50mm-610mm
Temperature -30/140 ℃ -30/140 ℃ -30/140 ℃
Max Air Velocity 30m/sec 30m/sec 30m/sec
Pressure 2500Pa 3000Pa 3000Pa
Standard Length 10m 10m 10m


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