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Air Grilles HVAC

1.Material: Frame and inclined vanes constructed from pressed steel sheet.
2.The Air Grilles HVAC is specially designed for ventilation Square duct systems.
3.Relevant product: Door Grille, Weatherproof Louver.

Air Grilles HVAC, RG-B

1. The Air Grilles HVAC is made from pressed steel sheet.

2. Surface screws mounted without subframe.

3. The Air Grilles HVAC is suitable for Square duct system.

4. 11 sizes available.

5. Relevant product: Door Grille, Weatherproof Louver.

Dimensions LxH(mm)

Airflow for 40dB(A) (m3)

200mm×100mm 100
250mm×100mm 150
200mm×200mm 200
300mm×150mm 250
350mm×150mm 300
400mm×150mm 300
300mm×300mm 600
400mm×400mm 900
600mm×300mm 1000
500mm×500mm 1400
600mm×600mm 1900


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